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Shunde is not only a water town of Lingnan,but also a well-developed modern industrial city.

Moreover,shunde is gradually becoming an innovative city---the city standing along the Pearl River Delta(PRD) and facing to the world.

Shunde is located in the middle of the Pearl River Delta(PRD) with 127 kilometers from Hongkong and 80 kilometers from Macau. 

It plays an important part in the Guangzhou and Foshan metropolis circle , as well as the urban conglomeration of Guangdong, Hongkong, and Macau. 

It covers an area of 806 square kilometers, and consisted of 10 towns with the population is 2.545 million (including 1.321 million registration household ). 

In addtion, there are nearly 0.5 million Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese.

Shunde has a well-developed traffic network ,it is connected to many major cities in the PRD,Hong Kong and Macau within a two-hour’s drive.

And in the next decades shunde will be building more traffic tracks to provide a comprehensive high speed traffic network such as roads, railways. 


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